Subsistence farmers vital to upcoming Kavango Food Expo


John Muyamba

RUNDU ‑ Organisers of the upcoming Kavango Food expo say it is important that subsistence farmers also partake in this second edition of the food expo slated for next month.

“The reason why subsistence farmers’ participation is important is that they are always left out when it comes to market access, as only commercial farmers get to enjoy the market access. We want also to create a platform for the forgotten subsistence and small-scale farmers for them to find it fit and that they are able also to sell their produce, for them also to get exposed to get that recognition they need in the food industry and that is one of the aims of this expo,” says Manfred Likoro from Food Namibia.

The second Food Namibia Trade Expo and Conference is aimed at showcasing crop production methods and products, create awareness surrounding agriculture and the food production industry. It will also provide a platform for showcasing, networking and matchmaking as well as share information, knowledge and skills in addition to increasing production of food for local consumption and export. It is also a platform to help producers launch into new markets and establish new business connections. The expo will also serve as a training platform for capacity building in agriculture.

“We are ready to host the second event. We are currently busy with all the preparations and we have Old Mutual on board. We are happy as they are coming on board for the second year. We are just busy inviting exhibitors, as they are key,” Likoro notes.

Businesses or institutions operating within the spheres of agriculture and food processing, including manufacturing, production, farming, retailing, distribution and investment, have been invited to participate. The upcoming second Namibia Food Conference and Expo, will be held in Rundu from September 4 to 8.


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