NEWS JUST IN: Supreme Court slashes Romeo Schiefer’s double murder sentence


Three judges of the Supreme Court today reduced the sentence of Romeo Schiefer, who was convicted of killing both his parents at their home in 2008.

Schiefer was sentenced in October 2013 to an effective 48 years imprisonment. He was sentenced to 28 years on each of the murder charges with eight years on the second murder conviction to run concurrent with the prison term on the first murder conviction.

Judge Elton Hoff, who wrote the unanimous appeal judgement with Deputy Chief Justice Petrus Damaseb and Acting Judge of Appeal Dave Smuts, in agreement said that the sentence by Judge Naomi Shivute is “strikingly, startingly or patently inappropriate” and ordered that 14 instead of eight years on the second conviction run concurrently with the sentence on the first murder conviction.


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