Namibian students attacked in Ukraine


Albertina Nakale

Windhoek-Two Namibian students were among the five African students in Ukraine who survived a savage mob attack, which has been described as an xenophobic assault on Africans by Ukrainian nationals.

The students were attacked by a group of about 40 Ukrainians while taking a stroll in a public park in central Lutsk, a green city on the Styr River in northwestern Ukraine.

The attack happened last week Thursday evening and has left Namibian students fearing for their lives.
The students allege the terrifying incident looked like it was a planned attack as the mob had gardening tools such as rakes, spades and wood, ready to attack and kill.

“Two of my fellow students were beaten and left unconscious; two managed to escape with minor injuries and one was left bleeding. They are in a bad state and were back from the hospital without any medical assistance. This has left us traumatized and feeling threatened,” one of the students narrated to New Era over the phone.
The students who were assaulted are from Algeria, Libya, Namibia, Nigeria, and Senegal.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, Selma Ashipala-Musavyi, confirmed the ministry has received reports of the attack.

Namibia is now waiting for a full official report from its embassy in Russia, which is responsible for Ukraine, on the health and safety of Namibian students in that country.

“We heard about the attacks. We have contacted our embassy in Moscow because it’s the one accredited to Ukraine. They are trying to establish the facts. As soon as I have the facts I will inform the public. They are in contact with our students in Ukraine,” Ashipala-Musavyi said.

The students are further aggrieved by the fact that the police had not arrested any of the people who attacked them.

Furthermore, the students also complained there are many agencies in Ukraine that overcharge students as much as N$60,000 for language courses, which they say is way too much.

Ukraine is a multi-ethnic and multicultural nation where racism and ethnic discrimination are arguably largely a fringe issue.

However, incidents of violence have been recorded where the victim’s race is widely thought to have played a role. Those incidents receive extensive media coverage and are usually condemned by all mainstream political forces.
But Human Rights Watch has reported that “racism and xenophobia remain entrenched problems in Ukraine”.


  1. This story is inflammatory. It gives no context. For example, were the students and the other group, drunk? That would explain 90% of it.

    The article only says it was “the evening.” If it was at 03:00 AM and one group of drunks came across another group of drunks, well, what is surprising if they start fighting?

  2. Want a clue Turn to the local police They are responsible for organizing many crimes in that city They are supposed to be in control Whatever happens in that city does not happen without their knowledge Thats for sure

    • They are not clever enough to organize crimes… they just want to gather money from all the businesses. A very corrupt place. These guys are just students, they don’t have much money, but maybe the attackers or police thought they were “rich foreigners.” Wrong.

      • My friend, speaking as someone who has first hand experience with racism in Ukraine, I ask that you please educate yourself on the situation before jumping to your own conclusions.

        The notorious “Skin Heads” are known for their racist attacks on foreigners.
        They’re not drunkards, or thieves.
        They attack foreigners simply because they feel they can.

        • You are lumping all Ukrainians into one category. That is racist.

          I am a white person who has suffered from racist attacks by blacks in America several times, and a victim of racist “affirmative action” policies throughout his life, and you need to educate yourself.

          My nephew, who was 3 years old, was attacked by a gang of 5 year old blacks. Sneakerprints on his head, 50 stitches on his scalp, and 3 broken ribs, and a lifetime mental scar. What causes such racist hate that blacks attack a baby?

          Have you ever been attacked because of your skin color? I have been physically attacked and robbed by gangs of blacks, more than once. Have you ever been denied a job, a promotion, or admission to a university because of your skin color? No? Well, I have, many times.

          You don’t know much about racism.

          I know that African blacks are a lot different than American blacks, so I hope your country can take a better path. American blacks are racist, and also they are dumb and angry. African blacks, the ones I met while renting rooms in my house are hard-working and ethical.

  3. Africans are very considerate to whites in their own respective countries but the opposite to fellow Africans. Why can’t Africans treat whites the way they treat Africans in their countries? Are Africans mindsets still colonized? its high time Africa provide its own educational facilities and stop dependency on foreign education.


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