Former Arandis mayor elected Swapo regional coordinator


Eveline de Klerk

Walvis Bay-Former mayor of Arandis Daniel Muuhura emerged victorious over the weekend after he was elected in Karibib on Saturday evening as the new Swapo regional coordinator for the Erongo Region.

The position was previously held by Philipus Heita, who obtained 26 votes against Muuhura’s 36 votes. Heita had been in the position since 2012. Walvis Bay Councillor Paulus Kauhondamwa also contested for the position, but withdrew. The other contestant, Simon Tuhafeni from Karibib, was disqualified after he went home during the election process.

Former Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) regional secretary for Erongo, Laina Shapange was elected as secretary for information and mobilisation position. The position was contested by Selma Njambula, as well Sarah Elago, who managed only 10 votes against Shapange’s 33 votes and Ndjambula’s 17.

The position was previously held by Hendrina Gebhardt from the Omaruru District.
Gebhardt was however elected as treasurer with 23 votes. The treasurer position was also contested by Walvis Bay Councillor Tobias Nambala, who obtained 21 votes and Phillipus Munenguni (14 votes), as well as Rosalia Andreas who only bagged three votes.

Hilma Hangula from Omaruru district previously held the position.


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