Potters celebrate 30 years


Sabina Elago

To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, the Potters’ Association of Namibia (PAN) and the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) will host the 8th National Ceramics Biennale exhibition at the main Gallery.
The exhibition aims to promote, develop, educate and ensure that the art of pottery remains alive and well in Namibia. Potters from all over Namibia will exhibit their ceramics.
Every second year PAN hosts this jury judged public exhibition to allow the potters to share their fascination with clay.
PAN is an Association of a very small group of like-minded individuals who share a love of clay.  Most of the members are amateur potters; very few are full-time producers; seven are teachers either in their own private studios or at the few schools and colleges that offer pottery to their pupils.
“Potters of Namibia unite!  This was the main reason for starting the Potters’ Association of Namibia.  We are such earthy people and wanted to know who else in our vast beautiful country felt the same way, and where we could share our joy of the feel of clay flowing through our hands and fingers,” member Genie Albrecht says.
She adds that clay is an escape from the conundrum of life and potters in the country share common goals, problem solving techniques and above all the joys of creativity.
“We are also trying to pass this on to our future potters so that they too experience the same sentiments,” Albrecht says. The exhibition runs until August 25.


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