Kavango West regional conference rescheduled for August 5


John Muyamba

Rundu-Chairperson of the national leaders assigned to Kavango West, Marco Hausiku, says the review and verification of the process of the Nkurenkuru regional conference shows that there is a need to hold a new regional conference. Hausiku says the review indicated that a number of things were not done correctly at that conference.

“It was not nullified it will just be redone, we verified and we discovered that there was no full justice so we have to redo the process to be fair to all as well as to those who were nominated and qualify in all aspect but couldn’t stand to be voted to be given a chance to stand,” Hausiku said.

“If we speak of nullifying it needs to be endorsed by the politburo and so on. But in this case it was not, so we informed and asked the politburo not to endorse it but to give us time to verify and if we discover that the process wasn’t done well then we are going to redo it. That is what is happening now,” he continued.

“We checked the processes on how things were done, not individuals, we checked how the system was done, identifying the mistakes in the system and all the assigned leaders were present during that process after noticing that the process wasn’t done accordingly we reached consensus and the need for the process to be redone, so we are going to redo it from districts to the regional level, the budget has been approved,” Hausiku said.

According to Hausiku the regional conference is set for Saturday August 5.
“They are going to redo the process, just how they did it the last time, starting from the district conferences and it will be supervised by national leaders assigned including regional leaders. We have already setup the teams and August 5 will be the last day whereby the regional conference will be held on that day, it will also be announced on the local radio to inform all districts on the set date, a day selected to redo the activities,” he said.

Hausiku further informed New Era that from Wednesday they will start by doing two districts per day and when they are done with the districts, they will then hold the regional conference to get it out of the way before the announcement of the date of the national congress.

“This is the only way to clear the accusations that are currently going around,” he noted.
The coordinator was not elected as the current incumbent coordinator David Hamutenya as well as the regional information mobiliser’s term has not ended and thus only elected the treasurer during the last regional conference but that will also be redone together with the nominees who will be sent to the congress.


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