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Can we please get some originality into our moves? I know that as a country we are slaves to whatever South Africans do. However, nothing stops you from stepping it up and leading a Namibian revolution simply with your body!
Stanley Mareka, arguably Namibia’s dance icon, has been a great sport when it comes to heeding the originality call. Remember the PDK “We cele” period?
Have you seen the video? There is no way you could’ve missed that video because my friends at the national broadcaster abused it! Before the 8 p.m. news bulletin, is net “we cele”. Before “Talk of the nation” is net “we cele”. Imagine꿢 whole hour of music videos with “Whatagwan” mara when the programme ends꿬ts whaati? “We cele”. Lol.
So there is no way you could’ve missed it. Stanley Mareka in that video with his army of dancers from the Equipped Dance Academy choreographed danced moves resembling Namibian roots. You won’t see any Sbujwa or dabbing in that video.
There is no way you can tell me that we do not have the potential to enjoy our own original moves. Remember the Kuduru dance? Remember the Bakuten dance? Remember the Xai //na gomasen dance move? You honestly cannot sit there, read this and say Namibians꿼ltimately your market or South Africa’s won’t enjoy originality.
I challenge you to heed my call. Heed it! What are you afraid of? The crowd won’t scream for you? I told you already in last week’s piece that dancing is not about the crowd screaming for you. Let South Africans be South Africans.
Your name will never appear in history with you trying to sweep the floor with your legs by dancing Sbujwa and other South African dance moves.
But how do you pull this off? How do you initiate a truly Namibian dance move that will resonate with the rest of the country? One word꿘ESEARCH! Yeah its getting a little complicated now, neh omes?
Kalux once said “Everyone wants to go to the next level꿣ut are you really ready for the amount of work that awaits at the next level?” Profound.
I am sure you don’t just want to remain that useless dancer that dances for beer. If you want to stand out, if you want to revolutionise this thing, if you want to be on everyone’s lips뀂ou will need to do research.
Find out who we are. And when I mean who we are꿌’m not talking Windhoek. Meme꿪o to the regions! I want everyone to dance a truly Namibian dance move this December. The ball is in your court. You can do it! NSK BELIVES IN YOU!!!
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
Song of the week: Afroberries ft. Erna Chimu and KP Illest: Get lifted
Flop of the week: DJ Evicted: Robbie Savage Tribute (That song just needed King Bertholdt. The rest is just noise)
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