Video: Bernadus Swartbooi resigns from Swapo


Bernadus Swartbooi resigns from Swapo


  1. Very disappointed in Swartbooi. No doubt he failed to control his anger, and washed his dirty linen in public which is very unprofessional. Firstly, he has been in SWAPO for all these years and yet he only decided to talk now? If Swartbooi is really an honest person, and SWAPO or OPO that bad, as he claims, what has he been doing all this while is OPO, as his calls it. By the way, when did he realise it was OPO? I sense tribalism from Swartbooi here. He surely hates the Vambo people.

    Secondly, he is contradicting himself by clarifying what his ancestors told him in 1976 to work with the Hereros. How and where would he fit the Vambos (majority) or rather represent Namibia in his so called party, when he clearly does not represent one Namibia.

    Thridly, the so called Vambo people have led Namibia peacefully and economically not bad either, and am glad he thanked Tate Pohamba, but acted as a hypocrite there. Is Swatbooi capable of leading the country.

    If Swapo was Opo, he wouldn’t even be talking right now. But it is the same OPO that has made him who he is. I would advise this young man to calm down. Whoever has lied to him that he can be the next president, is lying to him. Perhaps your ancestors made a good decision, to work with the Vambos for good reasons. Vambos are the majority and peaceful and even if you put the Hereos and the Nama together, the Vambos still the majority.

    My advise, is Namibia wants a leader who can unite the country and not divide us further. One Namibia and One Nation.


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