CIF publishes 2017 directory of construction industry


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Namibia’s construction industry is “ready for action” with the newly published Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Annual Directory 2017/2018.

The publication showcases the diversity and capacity of the members of CIF of Namibia and features a spectrum of contractors, from small-to-medium-sized contractors with annual turnover of one million Namibian Dollars to businesses with previous annual turnover of well above N$200 million.

Bärbel Kirchner, consulting general manager of the CIF, says: “The directory is hot off the press and we are truly very excited about this new edition. We have produced a mammoth publication with excellent information. By the time of going to print, a total of 373 paid-up CIF member companies were listed in our directory.

The CIF Annual Directory is very valuable as it is the ultimate source of information on Namibia’s construction industry. It is of great use to buyers of building and construction services, principal agents, and ultimately, decision-makers involved in the awarding of tenders. The Namibian construction industry’s wide range of expertise is showcased in this user-friendly directory.

“Considering the spectrum of companies listed in our directory, members of the Namibian Construction Industries Federation, truly have the capacity to handle almost all sizes of projects, ranging from residential building work to large scale civil infrastructure projects, valuing above half a billion Namibian Dollars,” Kirchner says.

“Our industry has come of age with extensive capacity. Even during difficult economic times, the industry remains true to its tough, tenacious and forward-thinking spirit. The Namibian construction industry is able and ready for action.”

A critical feature of the CIF directory is the categorisation of companies, based on their annual turnover. This provides a guideline in terms of their capacity to handling various projects. Depending on the size of the tender, Namibian companies can also join forces.

The 2017/2018 edition was the result of formidable team effort and required persistent focus to ensure the content is accurate and tenacity to solicit advertising support of 52 companies to finance the new edition.

Since the first issue in 2012, the publication has become a reference document and source of extensive information. Members of the public, who are building their dream home or are involved in a renovation project, will find this useful sourcing tool available to them free of charge at all trade outlets, including Pupkewitz Megabuild, CTM and Cymot.

Five thousand copies were printed and will be distributed throughout the year. Recipients of the directory include key decision-makers at all levels of government – central, regional and local.

Ministers and their deputies, permanent secretaries, regional councillors, mayors, chief executive officers of state-owned enterprises, as well as local authorities, will all receive a copy. Consultants in the industry, which includes engineers, architects and quantity surveyors, are also recipients of the directory.

The CIF online public directory of companies operating in the construction industry is also of great use. This searchable directory on the CIF website will help buyers of construction and building services to find contractors – including SMEs – as well as trading companies and affiliated members, such as electricians.


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