Zambezi police award staff


Hilma Nakanduungile

Katima Mulilo-Twenty-seven members of the Namibian Police Force in the Zambezi Region were awarded medals for their dedication, hard work and discipline during a ceremony held at the Zambezi police headquarters on Wednesday.

The regional police awarded one deputy commissioner, one chief inspector, three inspectors, 10 sergeants and 12 warrant officers. Among the medals awarded were a bronze for 10 years of service, a silver for 20 years, and a Cross of Bravery.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu expressed gratitude to the recipients for their ultimate sacrifice to keep the region safe.

“It is through your hard work that today we are gathered here to honour the great work that you have done over the years. We are pleased with what you do on a daily basis. You are receiving these medals today because of your good conduct in the service,” stated Sampofu.

According to the Zambezi regional commander, Commissioner Karel Theron, this type of event makes recipients and their families proud. It also helps the community to see the work of police officers.

Theron added that discipline is one of the pillars in the police force, therefore if it gets broken, then everything will collapse.

“When the community see police officers doing something wrong where we commanders cannot see them, they must reprimand them. There is nothing wrong with reprimanding a police officer when he or she is doing wrong,” stressed Theron.

At the same occasion, Sergeant Monica Simeon, who has served in the police force for 20 years, could not hide her joy for receiving two medals. Simeon, who received the 20 years silver and the Cross of Bravery medals, said her hard work paid off.

“I am very happy to receive these medals for my hard work and dedication – I am thus advising other police officers who did not receive anything today to work diligently to be awarded next time,” said the joyous Simeon.

*Hilma Nakanduungile is an information officer in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, based in Zambezi Region.


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