Industry Loop: Dear Dancers!


Dancing is part and parcel of the Namibian way of life. Who does not dance? Everyone dances! Rhythm or no rhythm, the fact is when a tune you like comes on, you break into some movement of some sort.

First things first dancers…can ya’ll stop mixing songs? You’re not a disk jockey. You’re a dancer. Dance! Leave the mixing to a disk jockey.

I swear I despise these kwaito groups in high school and in the community where in four minutes…they seem to have danced to about a 100 songs! All mixed up!!
That’s not dancing dammit! It’s torture! Why would you want to torture your audience? Just when we think you’re onto something good…a stupid sound effect comes on and boom onto the next song.

My goodness it’s so damn annoying! Whenever I scold these kwaito boys I always get the response that the crowd will become bored if they just dance to one song.

Pure manure! If you are a true dancer, the magic that goes into your movement for those three to four minutes will keep your audience pegged to you. It’s called art omes.

For those who complain that the crowd will become bored, there are only two things involved: Its either your choreographer is nonsense or you are not a dancer! Period!
Making the crowd scream does not mean anything. Your crush, your side-chick, and your girlfriend are all in the crowd and naturally they will scream at everything you do!

Your set must be so mesmerising that your audience stops whatever they are busy with to completely focus on you. I must be so inclined, and into what you do that when you dance, whatever message you are conveying with your moves, I must be able to get it!

But if you’re going to bloody mix a hundred songs in a four minute slot…how on earth am I going to get what you’re trying to tell me via the art of movement? If you are in a professional dancing group right now and that mixing thing is your “thing”, I challenge your team to do a full song. Get a freaking great song, choreograph and finish it in those three to four minutes. No weird sound effects; just dancing. That is art.

Remember, you are telling a story. So make sure that your movement from the beginning to the end like a book your audience is reading. With the mixing it’s as though while enjoying a good book, your baby mama calls you for diapers, zalie sends you to go pick up auntie Surukus and your landlord calls you for rent.

It’s annoying as hell! Through this exercise you will see who the real dancers in your group are, which will present you with a fantastic opportunity to weed (verb) out all that dead wood.
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

Song of the week: Tjikurame:
Muatje Wa Hongaze
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Mwali was simply poor
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