Youth feel inspired by event to motivate them


Pinehas Nakaziko

Windhoek-“The event truly inspired me because most, if not all, speakers were young successful intellectuals. They proved that circumstances do not define destiny, thus you must always continue fighting against all odds to acquire what you most desire in life, both for society and self,” says Olavi Hangula appreciatively.

He is one of those who attended the second edition of the Youth Inspire event that took place last Saturday at the John Pandeni Constituency offices in Soweto, Katutura in Windhoek.

Hangula says it is always overwhelming to see young black professionals make a name for themselves and in some cases for the nation. “I have [received guidance] from well-deserved mentors and innovators who spoke at the event. They also taught me there is a solution to every problem we face, and in most cases your solution is [workable].”

Anna Penavali says the event was indeed uplifting. “I was amazed to hear the encouraging words from young successful people in our country – one can relate and learn a lot from them because they have experienced a lot already,” she says.

“I was just disappointed to find that only a few youths turned up. It’s sad how Namibian youths show up at events that involve alcohol or entertainment but only a few attend important inspiring events, and yet we claim to be the leaders of tomorrow,” she adds.

Petrina Mathews says the occasion was very inspiring since it gave her an open view on different topics such as the role of youths in the country. “It was yet another reminder that your background should not be the determiner of your future. I learned that I can be a change maker, regardless of the environment that I am in,” says Mathews, adding that the event motivated her to work more in helping others to improve their lives.

Another youth Titus Ndeshipanda says he really learned a lot from the speakers as they shared valuable life experiences. “We need more events of that kind, whereby we have a platform to share ideas and see how we can contribute or pitch in on others’ innovative ideas,” says Ndeshipanda.

The Youth Inspire event aims to motivate young people to overcome obstacles between them and personal success.

Young mentor Kadiva Hamutumwa spoke about how the youth can become a somebody in life with education being the key to success. She also advised the youth to focus more on working on their personal branding and be active by networking with the right people and never to miss out on opportunities life presents.

Elago Nantana, an entrepreneur, briefed on his journey as a successful entrepreneur by cleaning yards and washing cars. He advised youth to read more and learn to identify and solve problems, while Hilda Liswani, a social innovator, spoke about the importance of a change maker. She also spoke about the power of self-esteem and the importance of empowered youth sharing their stories.

Homateni Kapewangolo, a young innovator and entrepreneur, spoke about the power of networking, and encouraged youth to make a change in society.

John Pandeni Constituency Councillor Rachel Jacob said the event also aimed at meeting the government halfway in terms of hosting youth events and social responsibility and youth development programmes. “The youth face challenges such as unemployment, drugs and alcohol abuse. Let’s fight together to overcome this,” she says.
The event was hosted by Festus Hangula, its founder.


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