Urate system pays dividends for FNB


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Windhoek-FNB Namibia’s Urate – a SMS customer feedback solution – is a customer-centred tool that enables FNB to entrench key metrics, drive positive frontline employee behaviour and monitor progress through an independent rating process.

After serving a customer, frontline employees initiate a SMS request for rating feedback to each customer that can be monitored at national, regional, branch and individual level for excellence.

Group service manager Erica Mulondo says: “We encourage all our customers to participate when they receive a SMS after being served by one of our frontline staff. During our pilot phase, Maerua Mall branch has come out tops and we congratulate them for their superior customer service shown over the past few months. Our top consultant for the testing phase hails from the Katutura branch and we are excited to get more feedback, now that all frontline staff will participate.”

Erica continues: “Some of the most successful businesses have one thing in common – great customer service. Not only can improving customer experience provide a means of differentiating our brand – good experience also leads to greater customer and employee loyalty, satisfaction and retention as well as a better bottom line.”

Part of the FNB core group service vision is building a vibrant customer-centric culture, providing measurement and feedback loops, and delivering customer and employee experiences that champion the bank’s service principles.

“Urate is designed in such a way that it provides an opportunity for us to reward outstanding customer service through the rating process.”

Tops… Staff of Maerua Mall branch with Erica Mulondo, FNB group service manager.
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