South African rape and murder accused fires lawyer


Roland Routh

Windhoek-South African national Wilhelm (Wimpie) Derick February, aged 39, who stands accused of rape and murder got rid of yet another State-funded lawyer, thereby further delaying the start of his trial before Judge Naomi Shivute in the Windhoek High Court. This is the third lawyer February has dismissed.

He explained to Judge Shivute that he and Hipura Ujaha did not understand each other and there was no communication between them. In any event, he told the judge, his parents had already written to the directorate of legal aid to provide him with another lawyer.

Ujaha did not take kindly to the accused’s contention that there was no communication between them. He told the court that he consulted with February on three separate occasions, but that he would not stand in the way if the accused wanted another lawyer to represent him. He told the court he needed to withdraw, as there was no trust between him and the accused.

Judge Shivute granted the withdrawal and postponed the matter to July 31 for February to obtain the services of another lawyer. February faces one count of murder, one count of rape, alternatively crimen injuria.

The State alleges February killed 56-year-old Dinah Diedericks on June 21, 2014 at her residence in Windhoek West after he raped her, or exposed her private parts by removing her trouser and underwear.

After New Era first publicised the case a presumed family member of Diedericks contacted the publication to provide more information about the case. The information provided corresponds with the general indictment against February.

It is stated Dinah Diedericks was a guest at the engagement party of February, apparently at his behest, as he wanted her to be a witness at his wedding. After the party ended, two of the people that later became State witnesses, decided to transport the Diedericks back to her residence, as she was under the influence of intoxicating liquor.

It is stated in the indictment that although February did not reside at the deceased’s residence he accompanied the group to Diedericks’ home and the State witnesses offloaded the deceased and February at the residence of the deceased.

The person who called New Era said the deceased arrived at her residence in her own car, driven by a member of Correctional Services, and that she then told them to leave her vehicle and take a taxi to their destinations.

The caller who did not identify herself over the phone told this reporter at the time, that while the other men left the yard after the vehicle had been parked, February lingered about.

Although it is not certain what exactly expired next, the person said it was suspected that the elderly victim was hit on the head and manually strangled, while a plastic bag was put over her face to stop her from screaming. Her attacker then proceeded to rape her, it was said.


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