Kickboxing club a hit at Khorixas


Clemans Miyanicwe

Khorixas-Barely a month after its launch at the northwestern town of Khorixas, Ring Contact Fighting Arts International (RCFAI) Khorixas Academy has already proven a hit amongst the town’s youngsters.

“We only have training on Monday and Wednesday but these youngsters are so excited that they come for training every day. It’s a hit,” Phillip Muller, vice chairperson of Ring Contact Arts International Khorixas Academy, said.

Every day numbers are increasing, having only started with about 40 youth. For the first month it was free, but the academy’s students now pay a monthly fee of N$20.
“The kickboxing federation is very delighted with the new development club as there is a need in Khorixas and whole of Namibia. RCFAI Khorixas Academy plans to teach as much disciplines to students of all ages, races and genders,” Muller said.

The members of the club teach: kickboxing, self defense, mixed martial arts, fitness, close combat and all other martial arts associated with to kickboxing.

“We have an excellent support structure and it’s the clubs in Namibia’s responsibility to develop sports from beginners to expert’s levels. We will always encourage anyone interested to join the sports as the main aim of the academy is cater for the physical wellbeing of the youth and vulnerable to empower and defend themselves as well as compete on global stage,” Muller said.

The vice chairperson said: “We want to reach out to less fortunate students. Help them obtain confidence and keep them away from bad habits especially during school holidays, as well as have a positive aim and outlook in their lives.”

Muller said it’s their dream to make the club the best learning ground for students. RCFAI Khorixas Academy already has one trainer, three punching bags and two mats.
RCFAI clubs in Walvis Bay and Windhoek welcomed the newest addition at Khorixas and wished them good fortune and the best of luck, according to Muller.

The management of RCFAI Khorixas Academy include Gideon Gurirab, head of centre at Khorixas for Ministry of Youth, National Services and Sports, and Mogale Karimbue, the chairperson of Kunene Youth Regional Forum.

RCFAI was implemented by Master Joe Viljoen, an eight-time world champion kickboxer, who left the field undefeated.


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