New Swapo coordinator for Kavango East

Photo: John Muyamba Newly elected… From left Bonifantius Wakudumo, Otilie Shinduvi and Pontianus Musore were elected at the Swapo Party regional conference for Kavango East over the weekend.

John Muyamba

Rundu-The Swapo regional conference for Kavango East that was held over the weekend elected Otilie Shinduvi as the party’s new regional coordinator.

Shinduvi, a senior agriculture extension officer, replaces Marceline Kahare, who was coordinator since 2015. She trounced the incumbent by winning 27 votes compared to three votes by Kahare. Bertha Dinyando, a teacher at Rundu Secondary School, got 24 votes.

Former councillor of Mashare Constituency Bonifantius Wakudumo replaced Engelberth Muyenga as regional information and mobiliser. Muyenga was elected to that position last year after the death of Erick Tjandja in a car accident. Wakudumo got 29 votes, while Muyenga got 24.

Ponitianus Musore, the education inspector in Kambimba circuit of Ndiyona Constituency, emerged as a successful candidate for the regional treasurer’s position. The position had been vacant since last year when Engelberth Muyenga, the treasurer at the time, became regional mobiliser.

Musore was running against former Rundu councillor Daniel Lilenga, who got 26 votes, while Musore collected 28 votes to narrowly secure the regional treasurer’s post.

“We could not vote for our 10 delegates from the executive committee to represent our region at the upcoming Swapo Party national congress due to some technical challenges. We had to postpone it to 19 August when we will hold an extraordinary conference,” Wakudumo said.


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