VTC instructors bunk lessons


Alvine Kapitako

Windhoek-Trainees at the Windhoek Vocational Training Centre (WVTC) are dismayed at the perpetual absence of instructors from the classroom, fearing this habit would hinder them from acquiring their qualifications.

Trainees told New Era the instructors hardly show up to give them lessons. “We have been sitting outside for the past 40 minutes and the class is one hour late yet the instructor did not come,” said a clearly frustrated trainee.

The head of training at WVTC, Doris Nangolo, confirmed the issue had been raised with her office by the Trainees Representative Council (TRC) members. “We are meeting tomorrow,” said Nangolo.

She said she only knows of one instructor who has not been showing up for class and that is the engineering science instructor. Ironically, that is the instructor that the trainees said shows up for class.

“That is the worst one. I spoke to him and he said he would improve. I gave him a verbal warning. I only know of one instructor who never shows up and that is the engineering science instructor,” said Nangolo.

She added that the reason the trainees fail is because they do not show up for class.
“Some trainees don’t attend class even for five days consecutive,” said Nangolo, who explained that when trainees see their instructors are late or absent they follow what they do and also don’t pitch.

The trainees spoke of how the perpetual absence of instructors contributed to some of them failing their level two.

“They stayed away from class and when the exams were approaching they started coming and that put pressure on us,” one trainee claimed.

“Since we came back from our job attachment about three weeks ago we have not had lessons, except from the one instructor who always comes,” said a trainee.

“It’s expensive for us to come here and they don’t show up.”
“I am in my final year. I’m struggling with mathematics and if I fail I have to come back here next year and rewrite,” added the trainee.


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