Omusati Regional Council intervenes in Okalongo land saga


Nuusita Ashipala

Okalongo-Omusati Regional Council has undertaken to resolve the ongoing land disputes at Okalongo, which for years have blocked development and subsequently delayed the settlement from being upgraded to a village council.

A delegation led by Omusati Regional Council chairperson Modestus Amutse on Tuesday held a brief meeting with the concerned community and thereafter proceeded to the plots in question to have one-on-one discussions with the plot owners.

The face-to-face discussion with the plot owners was an attempt by the regional council to solve the ongoing disputes amicably, as the council works towards having the settlement upgraded to a village council.

“We are fighting to move to Okalongo to a village council; application has already been made, but much still needs to be done. We will look into how individual problems can be settled, but we need your input and corporation,” Amutse said.

He added that the regional council has recommended that those whose plots are affected – including those with residential plots in a business plot or vice versa – be given plots elsewhere within the settlement.

Amutse further appealed to those who want to develop their properties to liaise with the settlement office before they start with construction. “If there is no compliance, we would then be forced to consult with the prosecutor general to intervene, but that is not the route we want to take,” he said.

He further called upon those who will be allocated plots to develop them promptly. Also speaking at the event Ombadja Chief Matias Walaula appealed for the community’s cooperation in order to attract more visitors and create employment for the local people.

A community member in attendance, Erick Kandjaba, applauded the regional council for taking the step to consult the community, but expressed concern that the officials take too long to reply to the community’s plight. There were, however, no objections to the proposal made by the regional council.


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