‘Need for a trade fair board’


Alvine Kapitako

Windhoek-There is a need to establish a board that will coordinate the activities of the various expos and trade fairs in the country, an events management consultant opined.
Speaking to New Era, Caleb Majooka said most trade fair exhibitors lack authenticity in the sense that they showcase the same products at the various expos and trade fairs countrywide.

“We need to form a board for trade fairs to come together for the purpose of coordination and comparative analysis in terms of what they can provide which is different from region to region,” said Majooka.

He added: “The trend right now is that people exhibit the same products.”
Majooka said that having a trade fair board would allow for funding that is proportionally allocated towards the various expos and trade fairs. He feels the money allocated for trade fairs and expos is not always enough.

“It would be great if small trade fairs and expos also benefit from available funds and not just the big ones.”


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