Telecom to enhance user experience with higher internet speeds


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Telecom Namibia this week confirmed a special offer to increase customers’ internet speeds at a lower incremental cost. The offer is valid until September 30.

“The speed increases we are offering today will bring immediate benefits to residential and business customers and the future will bring even more exciting products and services. Our goal is to deliver the experience our customers demand at competitive prices. This latest offer to customers to upgrade is essential to continue to meet that goal today and into the future,” said Telecom’s head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Oiva Angula.

Customers with a 1024kbps package can double their internet speed to 2048kbps at an additional cost of N$69. Telecom Namibia is also offering customers with an entry-level package of 512kbps the opportunity to upgrade to 1024kbp for N$99. Alternatively, customers with an entry-level package can quadruple their internet speed to 2048kbps at a minimal fee.

“We are continually working to provide the best services for our customers. As our customers’ internet usage continues to increase we are constantly working to improve our network and implement the latest technologies to deliver the best internet experience possible,” said Angula.

He added that Telecom Namibia has invested over a billion dollars in its network to meet customer demand.


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