Nipam announces upcoming training programmes


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (Nipam) has announced that it would host two training programmes for central, regional, local government and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) employees.

Its course is designed to prepare newly appointed staff members at operational level to adapt effectively to the demands and expectations placed upon them.

“It is a completed learning resource providing basic knowledge of how the public sector works, from democracy, daily challenges of a public sector employee, official communication, public sector organisation websites, to standards of integrity and HIV/AIDS in the workplace,” stated Andrew Ndishishi, the executive director of Nipam.

He further explained the programme is aimed at interpreting the Namibian public sector structures and systems.

“The programme will further develop a range of personal development skills, and explain key public sector service delivery challenges and strategies to deal with such challenges,” said Ndishishi.

Meanwhile, the supervisory development programme is designed to give the public sector supervisors a deep understanding of leadership, management and supervision concepts and to equip them to play a firm, fair and effective role in service delivery in the public sector.

“Participants will acquire communication skills to apply them effectively to both staff and external stakeholders,” added Ndishishi.

He said the programme would improve participants’ competencies in dealing with customer relations in service delivery and the application of performance management tools and techniques to deliver quality services. The training will take place from July 17 to 21 and 24 to 28.


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