Musicians delight orphaned children


Sabina Elago

Windhoek-The Magogoz Crew donated groceries worth N$12,000 to the orphans and vulnerable children of the Baby Heaven Home, Megameno Orphanage and Orlindi House last Saturday.

The musicians spent the day with the children encouraging them not to give up on life, just because they don’t have parents or families, but to feel grateful that there are people willing to take care of them.

Sion Mushinga, the group’s spokesperson, said the initiative was part of the group’s “Lets Feed Namibia” winter campaign through which they started recently to feed less fortunate children. They feed and spend a day with the children at their homes.

“It was a great feeling which took us back to the time when we were young and filled with so much ambition and confidence to achieve hopes and dreams,” says Mushinga.

The Magogoz believe that a different approach to charity work needs to be adopted, adding that the little they donated was just the start of a perpetual campaign by the group, which aims at bringing effective and meaningful change in the lives of those who need it the most.

“The children are the future of tomorrow and charity starts at home, let’s all try and make a difference,” says Mushinga. He adds that the children’s homes are finding it hard to feed the kids every day.

“The aunties and children were very grateful and they asked us to call again because they are struggling a lot. We also approached the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare to intervene in the matter of these homes,” he said.

Baby Heaven Home provides shelter to orphans and vulnerable children, aged 0-15, and is based in Golgotha. Megameno Orphanage is situated in Shandumbala and takes care of 25 children, while Orlindi House is in Donkerhoek and takes care of more than 20 children.


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