Xico’s ram steals show


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Windhoek-A two-teeth ram of Xico Coetzee stole the show at the Coetzee brothers’ annual production auction when well-known breeder Lucky Richter sealed the deal for N$46,000. Breeders came from far and near to witness how Boer Goat rams of Xico fetched between N$32,000 and N$46,000 after some spectacular bidding.

All 119 animals, consisting of hand-picked Boer Goats, Damaras, Dorpers, Kalahari Reds, Savannas, Persians and Veldmasters, left the Namboer acution pen ring last Thursday with new owners at an auction characterised by exquisite animals and high average prices.
Guest sellers Christie Labuschagne, Francois van Rensburg, Willem Janse van Vuuren, Betie van Zyl and Dirk van der Merwe also had reason to smile from ear to ear after netting high averages for their breeds.

The two brothers, Xico and Zirk, and guest sellers told Farmers Forum after the auction that the event proved once again how important pairing of animals is during mating season.

The two – both full-time auctioneers and part time farmers – stressed the importance of correct selections during mating. “But most important is to spend time with your animals, feed them correctly and give them your loving care. You will be richly rewarded,” says Xico.
Zirk agrees, adding that the enthusiasm of buyers reflects the positive attitude of Namibian farmers this year after decent rains and improved grazing conditions.

“All our top animals were sold to well-known breeders, which is of significant importance as it means they want to achieve even greater heights with the genes they have acquired now. We have a responsibility to guide prospective buyers and producers on their choice of ram and ewe material in order to increase production in their herds,” he notes.

While being congratulated for his top-notch animals, Xico explained to Farmers Forum how he had to hand-raise the winning ram after grass seeds ended up in the animal’s eyes when it was just a few weeks old.

“I treated his eyes for days on end and eventually they healed completely. That time together brought me very close to the animal and I actually parted from him after the auction with tears in my eyes. But I am also very proud of breeding such immaculate stock and will be following my ram’s future and keep a close eye on his offspring,” he says.

Hueston Groenewald paid the second highest price of N$32,000 for another ram of Xico, while Charles Urib forked out N$2, 000 for a third ram from Xico. The average price for Boer Goat rams was N$18,388. The most expensive Damara ram went for N$15,000, while a Van Rooy ram of Francois van Rensburg fetched N$12,000.


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