Municipal rules to be enforced at Long Beach


Eveline de Klerk

Walvis Bay-The Walvis Bay Municipality plans to demarcate some roads and at least four parking lots at Long Beach in an effort to control and enforce municipal rules and regulations, following complaints from residents about noise coming from the nearby resort.

Long Beach residents in a consultation meeting held earlier this year at Walvis Bay raised their concerns over the frequent noise pollution and reckless beach driving that have become a nuisance at the resort.

Residents during the meeting indicated they were exploring legal options that would result in the resort being privatised.

However, this was strongly opposed by Walvis Bay residents and relevant stakeholders that were of the opinion the beachfront is a public open space that can be accessed  by anyone and that residents of Long Beach only have a say on their properties.

Last week Wednesday after weeks of consultations with relevant stakeholders, David Uushona from the Walvis Bay Municipality indicated that no beach closure would be tolerated and that all stakeholders agreed that controlled movement would be the best option.

Uushona indicated that four parking bays would be created, as well as public toilets, along a demarcated road. As indicated and required by law this will all be created 25 to 50 metres away from houses, he said.

“We understand the frustration of residents – however we cannot also agree to or do something that infringes on the rights of other Namibians. So whatever solution we come up with must be in the interest of both parties and on top of that we must be guided by the law. If these suggestions and recommendations do not work, we can always come back and consult for better suggestions,” he said.


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