Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service


Query: Mr President, please remove the acting PS of Sport. That woman has an anti-progress mentality for years now. Any good projects or activities of sport have to be rejected if she holds personal grudges against you. The Brave Warriors supporters have written a request for a bus to SA to support the team at the Cosafa tournament, and they indicated that they would pay for the fuel and the drivers. However, she rejected this request. Most of our government officials take decisions that are not in the best interest of the people.

Response: Kindly be informed that the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service received an emailed request late Wednesday afternoon, 28 June 2017, through the Director of Sport, thus giving the ministry only one day, (Thursday, 29 June 2017) to source the requested transportation.

Although the request was at short notice, the ministry – in the best interest of the nation – did its best to source transportation to ensure that Brave Warriors supporters travel to South Africa to support the national team. Therefore, the allegation contained in the SMS of The Namibian of July 3, 2017 is baseless, as the request was not rejected.

The allegation towards the acting permanent secretary of being anti-progress with respect to sport activities and holding personal grudges should be discounted as mere conjecture, considering that when sport needed her intervention, she came through for them.
* Aina Shikesho, chief public relations officer in the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service.


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