Traditional leaders urged to support education

Anniversary… From left, Omusati regional director of education Laban Shapange, Deputy Minister of Economic Planning, Lucia Iipumbu, Councillor of Elim Constituency Gerhard Shiimi, the principal of Onampira Combined School, Gebhard Amunyela, and Chief Herman Ndilimani Iipumbu at the school in Omusati Region, on Saturday.

Loide Jason

Onampira-The chief of Uukwambi, Herman Ndilimani Iipumbu, has urged traditional leaders to constantly monitor learners against hanging around shebeens and consuming alcohol.

The chief further urged traditional leaders to play a meaningful role in their community by ensuring that learners concentrate on their education and produce good results.

Iipumbu said this during the Onampira Combined School reunion and 86th anniversary celebration on Saturday afternoon at the school’s premises in Omusati Region.

“It is time for the headmen to make sure they take action against people who sell alcohol to learners, and against people who send learners [to buy] alcohol from cuca shops,” he said.

He said headmen and other traditional leaders should establish good relationships with schools so that headmen can participate in school decisions regarding discipline and support.

Iipumbu, who said quality education produces good people in the society, urged learners to take their education seriously.

“Learn how to listen to the speakers during events like this one. These speeches are made to motivate you! We want better people in society that are educated,” he said while pointing at the learners.

The learners, who were mostly whispering to each other during the event due to the lengthy programme, were encouraged to study hard and respect their teachers as well as the elders.

The chief said he has been donating goats to the best learners in agriculture for the past 10 years and he will continue doing so.

Speaking at the same event the Deputy Minister of Economic Planning, Lucia Iipumbu, urged learners to pay undivided attention to their studies.

“Let your school work become priority number one in your lives. All other things will wait for you once you have completed your studies,” she said.

Iipumbu said that learners should be aware that other things in life can wait but education cannot be parked or wait for them because it gets overtaken by age.

“Note that age is the fastest vehicle that will catch up with you if you play with your education. Discipline, hard work, courage to go on and to try further should be the order of the day. If you stick to these attributes and not forget respect, you will pass with flying colours,” she motivated the learners.


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