NFA overstepped the mark, be bold and admit your error


There is enough anecdotal evidence to support the majority-held view that the country’s football governing body, the Namibia Football Association (NFA), has erred big time with its misplaced interpretation of the composition of its ad hoc committee statutes.

So, from what yours truly is let to believe the powers that be at Football House have made a sudden u-turn by annulling their skewed resolution that sought to impose themselves on an autonomous body, in this case, the Namibia Premiership (NPL).

While yours truly is obliged by standard ethics and morals to applaud the NFA hierarchy for coming to their senses – one is also dutybound to demand from NFA to boldly admit their grave error of judgment, so that we can move on.

I’m quite sure that many in the football arena would scorn to own me in a lie if yours truly dared to conclude that those at the helm of our football administration have mastered the art of basic manipulation.

Dear readers, please pardon my ignorance, but alas, what yours truly is referring to here to the chronic misinterpretation of basic laws governing the game of football in our midst.
My learned colleague, Jaarureeko Ndorokaze, aka ‘Bro Stevie’, a vibrant and fully-fledged qualified legal practitioner was on the same page as the author that NFA had it totally wrong with its interpretation on the composition of their own ad hoc committee statutes.

It takes a man to say ‘I’m sorry’. As it stands, NFA should swallow their pride and apologise to the disbanded NPL interim committee. Seriously, what was so difficult for the NFA advising the NPL Board of Governors to substitute the wording ‘interim” to “ad hoc”? I’m just wondering.

Let’s call a spade a spade and not a large spoon; the chickens finally came home to roost and this is exactly what happens when corners are cut. NFA chiefs were keen on praising themselves that it was indeed them that brokered the MTC sponsorship deal, but dismally failed in the attempt – leaving them with egg on the face.

Still, your truly has another bone to pick with the powers that be at Football House. Frankly speaking, one is till trying to come to terms with why we were able to enter a team in the ongoing COSAFA Senior Challenge in the absence of competitive league football in the country.

The decision was taken at the expense of our youth team, the Under-17 side that was denied an ideal opportunity last month to defend their title in Mauritius – once again a clear demonstration of misplaced priorities.

Unsurprisingly, Namibia has plummeted to a record low 156th place on the Coca Cola FIFA World rankings from a respectable 94, yet those running our football are pretending this is not serious cause for concern.

Before I sign off, let me take this opportunity to doff my korrie to the big six: BA, Ingwe, Omeya, Pirates, Santos and Stars for standing their ground, the pilot has spoken.

I rest my case.


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