Industry Loop: Suné January!


Ousi Khoes, this is my direct plea to you and your princesses. Firstly congratulations on your crowning as Queen of these Namibian shores. You and your princesses are the one thing that I believe went right.

I have always criticised the pageant for having lost touch with the Namibian audience. But then I thought; I’m going about this the wrong way. I will need to talk straight to the winner for the pleas of thousands of Namibians to be heard. That winner is you.

The fact that you and your princesses hail from outside the capital; you Rehoboth, Tessia Mutwamezi, Rundu, and Romilly Mouton, Swakopmund, is a victory on so many fronts.
I have always maintained on this platform that we need to do more to explore talent and community heroes in smaller towns and work on ideas that are sustainable and that will ultimately empower the destitute youth in these towns.

Make no mistake Ousi Suné, the pageant and the honour bestowed upon you has lost its relevance and prestige.

But I would like to think that it is not the end of the world with you reigning supreme.
I would want you and your princesses to work tirelessly to correct these years and years of systematic exclusion of the ordinary Namibian from connecting with that pageant.

The image that Miss Namibia will have next year around this time, will be as a result of good work, or lack thereof, from you and your princesses. But the question is what exactly is it that I want you and your princesses to do?

First things first, above all do not disappear. You were crowned on TV, meaning the whole country saw you earn your title. You were in newspapers and on radio when you won.

You cannot win on TV and now want to stay invisible throughout the year. Serve your people. Serve them publically. Serve the people that saw you rightfully earn that crown.

Hence, I want to urge you to actively fight your handler at Miss Namibia when it comes to selective engagement with the public. Forget Windhoek and go connect and work with people outside Windhoek.

You are one of those kids who have grown up seeing everything on TV being Windhoek this and Windhoek that. You cannot now win, build influence and not want to use it to direct some of that attention to smaller towns.

The task of rebuilding the image of Miss Namibia rests on the shoulders of you and your princesses. The task of putting Miss Namibia back where it used to be in terms of excitement and prestige rests on you and your princesses.

The hopes and aspirations of that kid in Henties Bay, Uis, Karasburg and Omuthiya rests on you.

During your reign no one in this country must ever wonder what on earth happened to you. I do not want to see a single social media posts asking where you are.

Do this for me and you will have answered the prayers of many Namibians who want to take Miss Namibia back to the people and not leave it exclusively in the hands of a few private individuals.

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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