Bank Windhoek Bizzkids teaches entrepreneurship


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Windhoek-The Bank Windhoek Bizzkids Competition finalists’ evolved journey demonstrates the main aim of the initiative: to educate Namibian youth about the positive impact of entrepreneurship.

The competition gives young entrepreneurs an opportunity to enter a competition where they can win one of 20 exhibition stands at the Bank Windhoek BizzKids Market. It is designed to help scholars realise their business ideas.

Established eight years ago, the competition offers a platform for scholars between the ages of 8 and 18 years. Young entrepreneurs are provided with an opportunity to sell and promote their own products and services.

In October last year, eight-year-olds “Professor” Daniel Kiremire and Nicole Groenewald, were finalists in the 2016 Bank Windhoek Bizzkids Competition. Daniel traded as “Prof Housemade Shop”, and sold photo frames made from recycling material and old newspapers. Nicole sold lucky packets and secured second prize in the 2016 BizzKids Competition.

Daniel decided to share half of his profit with the orphans of Hope Village. Nicole, chose to pledge and donate a certain percentage of her profit to the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN). What the two youngsters did with their winnings shows compassion.

It has always been Daniel’s dream to care for others. Ever since he turned three years old, he had initiated a tradition of celebrating his birthday with orphaned children at Hope Village. He shared whatever he had with his friends at the orphanage. On his birthdays, he would bring along a collection of his old clothes and shoes gathered from friends and family as donations. His mother would prepare a variety of meals for every child in the orphanage. Last year in August, there was no birthday party, due to the fact that Daniel had to make a decision on whether to spend the money on his birthday or use it to participate in the Bizzkids Competition. He chose the latter and that decision paid off.

Upon winning, Daniel went back to the orphanage, took half of his profit and bought breakfast, donated clothes, shoes and washing powder to the children of Hope Village.
“With your help, Daniel’s dream has indeed come true and continues to grow. In January, he had breakfast with the children at Hope Village and handed out some gifts in the form of clothes and shoes.

“He shared half of his profit from the 2016 Bank Windhoek Bizzkids Competition as he promised. On behalf of my son, we would like to say thank you Bank Windhoek,” said Daniel’s mother, Hersmith Sebastianus. According to Sebastianus her son is a humble child that believes in sharing with others.

“I took part in the Bank Windhoek Bizzkids Competition and won second prize. Today I am here to donate N$1,000 to the CAN. Cancer is a major challenge, but thanks to CAN, they make it more bearable for cancer patients.

“Thank you so much for what you are doing in Namibia. I challenge all eight-year-olds in Namibia to do the same,” said Nicole during the handover to chief executive at CAN Rolf Hansen.

The 2017 Bank Windhoek BizzKids Competition was launched last month. The closing date for entries is August 31 and the finalists will be announced on September 22.


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