Ashburton Investments added to FNB stable


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-FNB Namibia Holdings officially launched Ashburton Investments on Wednesday and introduced Josephat Mwatotele as the CEO.

Mwatotele expressed his excitement about heading the new addition to the FNB Namibia stable: “The introduction of Ashburton Investments in the Namibian market allows us to offer our local clients access to broader investment product options and a greater reach through an extensive distribution network of the group. We are also able to localise decision-making with our specialist technical skills base, and have a larger resource base to call on in terms of research, product development and capital to drive new product innovation.”

He added that this significant investment by FNB Namibia Holdings demonstrated the group’s commitment to the Namibian economy, as clients now have access to a much wider investment choice which could be customised based on local conditions and client requirements.

“We are also excited about the new generation asset management driven by product innovation, quality research and highly skilled technical teams, with a particular focus on alternative asset management and our thorough understanding and deep insights of the local environment in which we operate to cater to our clients’ unique requirements. We seek to remain locally relevant with an international outlook to offer only the best products, services, and solutions to our clients.”

Sarel van Zyl, CEO of FNB Namibia Holdings, called the launch of Ashburton Investments “the fusing of a vision between Ashburton, the FNB Group, and Pointbreak – an exciting and historic occasion and a move which we believe is to the advantage not only of existing Pointbreak investors, but also all new future clients of Ashburton, who will now receive access to the wider range of investment products and financial services offered by our group.”

He added that the acquisition of the Pointbreak group enriched the newly formed Ashburton Investments in Namibia with local skills and expertise. “Together with Pointbreak Wealth management, we are now the most comprehensive financial services solutions group in Namibia. I believe we have the best team to deliver to this promise. Our clients are the reason for our existence, and this expansion gives us the ability to expand our thinking by adding their vision to ours.”


  1. This is why I want and always will work for FNB NAMIBIA (Private Clients Windhoek). Not only are we great in what we have to offer but the assurance we give the Wealth Management. God bless our employer.


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