Wato paddling wins the day at popular Rundu Beach


Staff Reporter

Rundu-The 2nd edition of the biannual Red Bull Namibia ‘King of Wato Race’ was a huge success as enthusiastic participants grilled each other showing master class paddling never experienced in that neck of the woods in a long time – much to the delight of the large crowd.

Hundreds of water sports lovers converged en masse at the popular Rundu Beach last Sunday to witness one of the great sporting events in the region.

Red Bull Namibia has been playing host to the ‘Red Bull King of Wato’ since 2015, a fully-fledged local gathering with the ultimate aim to promote and uplift the traditional wooden mokoros/watos, generally used by the Kavango people on a daily basis for fishing and transportation.

Participants came from four different constituencies and in order to claim the title entrants were obliged to battle it out in the head-to-head race on the Kavango River using the traditional watos.

The race was not short of excitement with strong rivalry leading to an intense and greatly spirited spectacle. Inaugural champion (2015) Bonifatius Shilima was also in the mix of things to defend his title, but had to surrender his crown with his head held high.

After an impressive final round, Makuti Manase (Kavango East) claimed this year’s King of Wato title. The paddling pair of Matheus Masenga and Sam Ndumba from Kavango West and Rundu respectively tailed in after the winner.


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