Popya with Roseta Nawases


Pinehas Nakaziko

Windhoek-Roseta Nawases, a lecturer in political and administrative studies at the University of Namibia (Unam), has defied all odds to be where she is today.

Born in the beautiful north-central town of Otjiwarongo, Roseta grew up with her three siblings in the family home of her parents, both educators. She describes her family as having a strong bond, overcoming almost every challenge.

“As a child of two teachers, I was forced to deliver all the time in everything I did, and what’s expected of you is not what you can deliver.  My other big challenge was also in sports. I sucked at sports. My dad would always wait for me at the finish line just to dry my tears. Even though I was sad, I knew the aim was to finish the race,” says Roseta.
She attended Rogate Primary School in Otjiwarongo in 1992 and Westside High School in Swakopmund.

After high school came another big challenge as her points were not enough to allow her to register for a degree course for the career that she always wanted. “It was just enough for a diploma and that’s where I decided I am not looking back and just looking forward. I enrolled for a diploma course in public relations (PR) at the University of Namibia in 2005.”
After completing her diploma, Roseta continued with a degree course in media and industrial psychology to get the chance of obtaining a scholarship.

After her graduation in 2010 she applied for a scholarship for a master’s programme in international relations at the Central China Normal University in China and was accepted.
“As a small-town girl in China, city life was hectic, diverse, people here and there. I learned a lot, different cultures and I had fun as a student,” she says.

Roseta worked as a volunteer at the Physical Active Youth (PAY) group, where she helped learners with their schoolwork and other activities at the youth centre. “I used to sing in the Unam choir.”

She also worked as a junior researcher in the Unam Multi-Disciplinary Research Centre.
In 2014 she worked as a human resources manager at New Era Investments. Her dream came true at the beginning of this year when she joined Unam as a lecturer.

She describes her current job as what she always dreamed of doing. “Coming from a home with my parents being teachers, I looked up to them and stepped up a bit, it was to be teaching or lecturing. I love what I do and the challenges that come with it. I love every bit of it, working with students and colleagues who have different backgrounds, it’s an everyday learning phase.”

In five years’ time Roseta sees herself as married with two kids, a PhD holder and an inspirational feminist contributing positively to people’s lives.

“My message to the youth is to never give up. I’m a living testimony of that. It was never easy from the start. I was not happy with my high school performance, went through a lot changes and challenges, but never gave up, I worked hard.”


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