Judgment date set for Jagger murder


Roland Routh

Windhoek-Edmund Jagger, accused of killing Renelda Alien Oamite Hoeses, who was 22 at the time of her death, will hear his fate on July 21 this year, Judge Alfred Siboleka said on Monday.

The judge indicated he will be ready with his judgment, after he heard submissions on the guilt or not of Jagger.

It is alleged Jagger killed Hoeses by stabbing her 18 times.
According to the summary of substantial facts in the indictment, Jagger entered the residence of the deceased’s father at Erf 1978, Build Together in Orwetoveni in Otjiwarongo during the late night hours of Friday March 1, 2013 or the early morning hours of March 2, 2013 armed with a knife and attacked her.

The deceased died on the scene due to hypovolemic shock caused by the stab wounds.
Deputy Prosecutor General Karin Esterhuizen argued that although the case hinges heavily on circumstantial evidence, it is enough to convict. She said the evidence was that the deceased’s father saw Jagger at his residence earlier that night and a text message from his daughter that said “Eddy gaan aan” (Eddy is going on). Esterhuizen also told the court that the bloody knife found at the room of Jagger as well as the suicide letters he wrote are a testament to his guilt.

According to her, the court needs to draw only one inference excluding all other inferences from the evidence adduced at the trial, and that is that the totality of the evidence points directly in the direction of Jagger.

On the other hand, the State-funded defence counsel of Jagger told the court that there is not one ounce of credible evidence against his client.

According to Joshua Kaumbi, the State failed miserably to prove anything against his client.
“There is nothing in the State’s case that directly links the accused to the crime,” he told Judge Siboleka.

The blood on the knife found at the accused’s room was not tested against the blood of the deceased and it can thus not be proved that it was her blood, he said.

With regard to the letters, Kaumbi said, the accused explained it was meant for his son and that the mere fact he wanted to commit suicide is not an indication of his guilt.
He asked the court to acquit Jagger.


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