Ready, steady – Go for Miss Namibia


Ngaevarue Katjangua

Windhoek-It is ready, steady and go for Miss Namibia 2017 tomorrow at the Country Club Hotel and Resort in Windhoek.

Tickets are available at Lana Dry Cleaners in Wernhill Park and Maerua Mall at Biosculpture Namibia for N$400 per person. Meanwhile as excitement for Miss Namibia 2017 tomorrow reaches the peak, we take a sneak pick at what to expect from the beauty pageant clothing line with a turn to one of the designers, McBright Kavari, putting the final touches to the cocktail collections for the finalists.

Adding some accessories to the dresses, he could not hide his delight in reaching the finishing line just in time for the big occasion, another humbling opportunity for him to work with Miss Namibia. “I was tasked with making the cocktail collection for the contestants and I am just finishing the twelve dresses each with its own design.” Kavari adds that he could not conceal his excitement but panicked at the thought of how he was going to execute the consignment.

“ I started wondering if I am going to pull this off, above all I wondered if I will get sponsorship or not.”

The determined designer said he made the dresses without any sponsorship but with help from friends and family. The classic, elegant and sophisticated designs are, however, to be expected from him. He adds that the designs are inspired by Doctor Helena Ndume who always has something new and different which remains classic and elegant. Kavari notes that he was strictly ordered by the organisers to work on a black cocktail wear collection.

“The organisers came up with the whole idea and concept of the colour and everything, so I was told to work on a black collection where I put in a bit of a colour display.”


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