Party interests override individual concerns: Mumbala


Matheus Hamutenya

Keetmanshoop-Swapo //Kharas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala has called on delegates to elect the right leaders who will act as servants of the people and work for the Swapo party.

Speaking to New Era about the upcoming Swapo //Kharas regional conference slated for this Saturday at Keetmanshoop, he said all is set for the conference.

It was now up to the delegates from each of the seven districts to elect the right people into the right positions, saying the party could not afford to make mistakes with the people it elected. He wants delegates to vote for people who will put the interests of the Namibian people and those of Swapo before their own interests.

He cautioned that delegates should avoid voting for people who will treat their positions as jobs, because when you are a leader you work for the people.

“You have to have the right people, people who want to work and unify the people of Swapo, and not people that want to break Swapo.

“We need people who put the interest of people first, and we want to avoid people who use their position for self-enrichment,” Mumbala said.

So far he was not aware of and had not received any complaints about irregularities with the elections at section, branch or district level.

The party had kept all structures alive by constantly revisiting them, and this ensured there was no room for irregularities when elections took place.

“Our situation is good; our structures are always in place, and that’s why we say it is important to keep in touch with all structures, because not doing so can lead to irregularities. However, //Kharas is not in that situation,” he stated. He urged candidates to come to the conference in the spirit of unity and comradeship and accept the outcome of the elections, and reiterated that the most important thing was to work for the party.

The conference will see the election of a new regional coordinator, information officer, mobiliser and treasurer for the next five years.

It will also elect 10 members from the regional executive committee to represent the region at the party’s national congress, and nominate four members for election to the central committee.


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