Rundu to host Red Bull King of Wato race


Staff Reporter

Rundu-Red Bull Namibia is to host the 2nd edition of the annual national exclusive Red Bull King of Wato race this weekend.

The race will consists of wooden mokoros/watos manufactured by the Kavango people for fishing or travelling.

The aim of the Red Bull King of Wato is to encourage more interaction amongst the locals while providing exposure to Rundu as a town. The race, to be preceded by a practice session, is slated to start at the popular Rundu Beach and has attracted a total of 80 participants.

Participants are requested to bring along their own paddles though watos will be available at the venue or alternatively, participants are allowed to bring their own. The venue will be closed for the public tomorrow as event organizers will be engaged in the set-up process. .

Those interested in pre-registering, applications are available per constituency and will be administered by the Rundu Regional Sports Office. Please take note that it’s obligatory for all participants to have documentation on the day of the event from 08h00 to 10h00. Registration is free!

All competitors must adhere to the following;
• Only competitors of Namibian nationality are allowed to enter.
• Competitors must be 16 years and above to qualify for entrance.

The King of Wato race will commence at 10h00 on Saturday morning, with the finals set to be completed at 16h00 the afternoon. The overall winner of the Red Bull King of Wato goes to the paddler that finishes the final lap first and the final decision is entirely at the discretion of the jury.

Several prizes are at stake including cash prizes of N$5,000 (1st place), N$3,000 (2nd (place) and N$2,000 ( All competitors will be attired in protective gear (lifejackets and helmets), while safety boats will be on standby on the water throughout the duration of the race.

Organisers said they believe the gathering will be a success for all parties concerned as the event aims to showcase what Namibia has to offer in terms of talent in wato racing.
For further enquiries please contact Red Bull Namibia brand manager Nadja Geiger @081 122 4045 or Kingofwato


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