Up close with Warakata hit makers


Ngaevarue Katjangua

Windhoek-The family group the One Blood band has defied all odds in Namibia by producing many timeless classics since its inception in 2008. Ngaevarue Katjangua in Windhoek takes a closer look at the band.

One Blood originally consisted of lead male vocalist and keyboard player Victor Kaune, alongside cousin and producer Speco Uhongora, lead female vocalist Daphne Kaune and back-up singer Uatungua Matundu.

After the departure of some members, the band now comprises Victor and sister Daphne Kaune, who are no strangers to Namibians.

The mere mention of their names evokes memories of moments people experienced to the accompaniment of their music, while others may nod their heads to the famous Warakata hit song released in 2016.

The hit has ruled the local musical music charts since then, but apart from this, last week the song for the first time won the accolade as song of the week, and won it again this week – a rare achievement for an Oviritje song

This rave review came from none other than NSK, of New Era Industrial Loop column fame.
While many try to confine them within the Oviritje genre, and label them as an Otjiherero band, the band has nevertheless drawn a diverse audience from different ethnic groups in Namibia.

Their popularity even extends beyond Namibian borders, notably overseas, stretching all the way to the United Kingdom from where they have just returned after their second visit.
“We just came back from the UK, on invitation from the Okamatapati Charity Foundation, and we are still in shock every time because people outside our language group show appreciation for our music.

Over the years our fan base has grown so much that we find status updates from people from every ethnic group in Namibia, who express their appreciation for our music; it’s a great feeling,” the siblings say in agreement.

Driven by a passion and talent passed down by their father, music comes naturally to them.
“We were raised in a music loving family, starting with keyboards. Our father encouraged our love for music and it has been our family language ever since we can remember.”

They have faced and overcome many challenges, but pirating still remains an obstacle for many Namibian artists – not least for One Blood who are close to having run out of options and strategies for combating pirating.

It remains a problem, particularly in view of their work in progress; their next album.
One Blood’s musicality defies their would-be familiarity because while many might think they know them, they only know their music.

Daphne says the ‘diva’ seen on stage or in music videos is a far cry from the person she is in her daily life.

“I can confirm that I perhaps have two personas, and that might be confusing to many people. But I am actually a reserved and quiet person by nature, and the diva you see on stage is not the person you will find offstage,” she says.

Things you didn’t know about Victor and Daphne:
Daphne: “I love eating goat or sheep’s head. I am academically inclined and a qualified accountant.”

Victor: “I am a passionate farmer; I am my father’s right hand when it comes to farming. I am a secretive person.”

Growing up the siblings fought over many things but the main cause of disagreement was the keyboard and what song to sing. They enjoy personal time, and as much as they are artists who perform at crowded venues, they do not necessarily always want to be in crowds. As kids, Daphne was so stingy with food she would hide in wardrobes; steal everything, while leaving nothing for her brother.


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