Industry Loop: Catching feelings!


Boy don’t I hate an entertainer who is always on about their feelings. Jirrie bruh, relax! Gosh! This is Entertainment!

Why choose the industry if you are going to struggle to deal with internet trolls, naysayers, memes and people’s opinions? Entertainers need to understand that because they are in the public domain, people will always have the urge to use them as subject matter.

Our job as entertainers is to connect with people. Without people we are nothing. It’s like Wi-Fi. Once you have entered the password and made that connection, you’ll always have that connection when you get to that area.

It is the same with people. Entertainers cannot have it both ways. You cannot get people to connect to your brand and want to catch feelings when the very same people troll you via memes, criticise or speak about you.

I recently had Female Donkey on a show that I host on Fresh FM and I asked her what she made of people trolling her and her response? “Enesko (that’s what she calls, long story), this is ENTERTAINMENT!!”

Indeed it is! This is Entertainment! Entertainers in their private time are so quick to form an opinion on Kim Kardashian and who’s the best rapper alive or if Denzel Washington is the best to have ever done it but cringe when their own people they have connected with spark up these conversations/debates about them.

Woman up or leave the industry. You can’t always be catching feelings. No seriously. See the trolls, have a laugh and continue with your #GMTM mission.

It will take nothing away from your brand to embrace a troll. It actually just shows that you have a knack for people. Again, if you do not have a feel for people, you cannot be an entertainer. Forget it!

So to all the naysayers, meme artists, trolls and k@k praaters, please intensify your work. You are doing a great job. You are important to us. You keep us young. Your work keeps us relevant. Especially Nam Twitter. Please continue with those hilarious comebacks to dumb tweets.

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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