Imawida dominate 3rd round of Fistball League


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Windhoek-The 3rd round of matches in the Bank Windhoek National Fistball League, reached a high point at the DTS field, last Saturday.

SKW1 leapfrogged log leaders CFC1, into first place in the National A League, with four points clear at the top, while the Germans also enjoyed success in the National B League. Imawida second strings won all their matches and now enjoy a comfortable lead of 11 points over DTS’ B-side.

Reigning champions CFC1, defeated CFC2 with an easy score line of 3:0 in the first game of the day in the National A-division.

In the second match of the day, SKW1 battled it out against CFC1 with the first set going to CFC1. In the second set, Imawida had a better start as the Germans improved their tactical approach. The change of tactics turned the game around in favour of the SKW.

In the 3rd set, SKW1 took full advantage of a weakened CFC1 defence, winning the set resoundingly. In the next encounter, Imawida 1 faced basement dwellers CFC2 and the outcome was expected, as the record holders, SKW1, focused on winning taking all three sets on offer.

CFC1 and CFC2 confronted each other in the 2nd match between the two siblings. CFC2 lost 3:0. As it stands, the pressure is now on CFC2 to register a point, as they still have not registered a single point on the table.

In the 2nd match against SKW1, CFC1 changed their game plan in an effort to generate more pressure from the serve. However, with a poor built-up play by their opponents, Imawida 1 could not be beaten as the Germans played solid three sets to win 3:0.

In the second match against CFC 2, SKW1 once again dominated the match. As a result they now lead four points clear at the top of the table, while CFC1 is in the second spot.

With the number of points on the table, both SKW1 and CFC1 already qualified for the playoffs slated for September this year. On the other hand, CFC2 can only get a maximum 18 points in the remaining six fixtures.

National B League
Dominant SKW2 guarded their top position with jealousy as they walked away with maximum points to stay 11 points clear at the top as closest rivals, SFC1, failed to pose any danger to them.

Another drawback for SFC1 was that their main attacker, Knolle Kolb, was not available, resulting in the team having no powerful attacks during their games losing 4:0 against DTS.
CFC3 went on to win the club’s internal duel against stable mates CFC4. As it stands, DTS is now in 2nd place, sharing points with SFC, but with a better ball ratio. SKW2 has already qualified for the playoff finals due to their points.

Konrad Swart from DTS walked away with the prestigious player of the day award. The next games will take place on Saturday, July 1 at the Cohen Fistball Club for the annual Cohen FC Cup Tourney.

Meanwhile, CFC’s preparations for its Switzerland tour, in August, are in full swing. The team will participate in two tourneys. Half of the team are already in Germany, where they will hook up with the rest of their teammates during the International tourney. .


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