Chinese TV show stimulates interest in Namibia


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-A wildlife documentary featuring breath-taking Namibian landscapes and its array of exotic wildlife such as lions, giraffes, elephants and galloping antelope, beamed on TV screens in China, has seen more Chinese tourists inquiring about Namibia for a possible holiday safari, says the Chinese Embassy in Windhoek.

Adventure Season, a hit TV series shot amidst a backdrop of African game at several locations across Namibia, and showing the Milky Way from clear Namibian skies, including from Hannas Wildlife Safaris, and scenery of Sossusvlei, enjoys prime-time slots to a wider Chinese audience of hundreds of millions of TV viewers.

The TV series also features scenery from Britain, Turkey and Dubai and since its debut there has been an increase in Chinese tourists visiting Turkey, while more Chinese are inquiring about Namibia.

The TV show is committed to unearthing the distinctive charm of destinations and showing the diversity of world cultures and after broadcast the enthusiasm of audiences and travel enthusiasts for travelling to exotic destinations, such as Namibia, ran increasingly high, according to the Chinese embassy in Windhoek

It also stated that because of the influence of the second season of Divas Hit the Road, the number of Chinese tourists who travelled to Turkey in 2015 obtained a year-on-year growth of 20 percent.

“It is clear that the reality show has enhanced the destinations’ tourism,” it further stated.


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