Standard Bank alerts customers about Vishing hoax


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Standard Bank has alerted customers about a recent vishing alert that has come to its attention as a hoax.

It is reported that several customers have complained about telephone calls, which they have received from a certain person who claims to be a bank employee. The customers were requested to provide their ATM card numbers and personal details. This is known as vishing, which is a contraction of the words voice and phishing.

“We want to alert our customers to be vigilant of this as it is a hoax and not associated with Standard Bank. Our staff will never call customers via telephone or cell phone to request personal information such as bank account numbers, debit or credit card numbers, expiration dates or personal identification number,” said Standard Bank acting head of marketing Sigrid Tjijorokisa.

It is advised that should a customer receive such a call they should hang up the call immediately and not provide any personal or banking information. It so happens that fraudsters will use these personal details to steal a person’s identity, or simply steal their money and break off all contact.

Tjijorokisa advised that if anyone has received this type of phone call, and has inadvertently given out personal financial information, they should contact their local branch immediately.


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