Learners advised to refrain from drugs

Photo: Tuulikki Abraham Reaching out… Drug Law Enforcement Unit Commander in Lüderitz Detective Warrant Officer Martin Clarke makes a presentation on drugs awareness at Lüderitz.

Tuulikki Abraham

Lüderitz-Learners have been warned to refrain from using narcotic substances by Detective Warrant Officer Martin Clarke, commander of the Drug Law Enforcement Unit in Lüderitz.

Clarke addressed learners last Friday during the commemoration of the Day of the African Child at Lüderitz Junior Secondary School, where he did a presentation on drug awareness, and mentioned the most common drugs imported illegally into Namibia, which could lead to high school dropouts. He said he has been in Lüderitz for three months now after the drug unit opened its offices. Up to now he opened five drug cases, whereby seven people were arrested, including a notorious local drug dealer who is still in police custody, as he did not get bail.

Clarke urged learners and the community to work together to fight the drug scourge.
During the commemoration of the Day of the African Child, !Nami#nus Constituency Councillor and chairperson of //Karas Regional Council Jan Scholtz delivered a speech by the Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Doreen Sioka.


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