Comedy Night lives up to its billing


Pinehas Nakaziko

Windhoek-Saturday night turned out to be a memorable night for comedy lovers at the newly opened hangout ‘The Avenue’, where popular local comedian Courage hosted the comedy night show, themed ‘Comedy and Class’.

The event lived up to its billing, and attracted hundreds of comedy lovers, who overcrowded the venue to enjoy what was on offer.

The show saw the comic, Max the Entertainer, delivering the opening act. Max the Entertainer, dubbed “the bubbling undercard”, hit the stage for his debut with jokes that had the audience in stitches. It was a good act for someone who was performing on the stage for the first time.

Another comedian on the line-up was Chiro, who made the crowd laugh when he made jokes of Namibian girls not being loyal, and made an example of Nguvi for revealing secrets on local television. Slick the Dick also did not disappoint with those hilarious jokes that he is well known for.

Courage was the talk of the night when he threw out some strong punch-line jokes about his recent mugging at the DMT nightclub that cost him two teeth. He says he couldn’t pronounce some words anymore, such as earth, because of the missing teeth. He also delivered some jokes on Father’s Day.

Apart from the jokes, the night was made special by the ambience of the venue. Everyone in attendance really enjoyed himself or herself. The waitresses were friendly and the dining was on point. Everyone was treated to a free glass of champagne and the food and drinks were on special.

Apart from that, there was also an after-party at The Lounge, with DJs playing old school tracks that entertained the guests. Courage announced there would be a Comedy Night every second Saturday of the month, which promises to be bigger and better.


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