Profit comes out from hiding


Pinehas Nakaziko

Windhoek-Local hip-hop singer, Panash Pieters, best known as Profit, is not new to the music industry.

Many have seen him performing alongside well-known rap and hip-hop acts such as Jericho and Bertholdt at various local festivals for the past seven years.

But now, Profit has come out from the shadows to claim his own spot in the limelight.
Not only that, he has also announced the release date of his much anticipated debut album titled ‘The Fallen Angel’, which is apparently taking the industry by storm. The album is due for release on June 24.

“Even though I haven’t reached the peak of success in the music industry after having been it for seven years, I’ve done my homework on the industry.

“I am still going strong. This goes to show that music is not only a hobby or a talent, but for me it’s a lifestyle. Therefore I will never go quiet for as long as God gives me the honour to live,” Profit says.

He is well known for hit songs like ‘Let Me Go’, featuring Kanibal, which he says was an eye opener in the music industry.

The song has enjoyed a good amount of air-play on local radio stations like Base FM and Fresh FM. Other hit songs include ‘Genesis’ featuring Jericho and ‘Pycr’ and ‘Unique’.

He recently released a song called ‘Do Dab Dab’ featuring Don Kamati, which is busy making waves.

“I chose to name the album ‘The Fallen Angel’ because it speaks about people who have been jaded by life, but have not let that destroy their inner beauty or their compassion.

“They still believe in themselves and have gone over and above to make it in life,” Profit says about his upcoming 11-track album. DJ Mentoz recorded and mastered the album.

He says nowadays people forget about the entertainment aspect of music, and about the way it used to spread the message to people.

“I am more of a midstream/commercial artist. I have music people can relate to, whether it be household issues, what’s happening in the world or for those with broken hearts.

“There are also songs that can attract hip-hop lovers; the type of sound trending in hip hop,” he says.

Working on the album was a satisfying experience, with almost every established artist he has worked with contributing, Profit says.

His fan base in music started at the age of 13 when he was part of the musical group, Young Damage.

He was under Jericho’s wing, and performed at various school shows as well as at different music festivals.

Last year he performed at the South African singer Cassper Nyovest’s show and also filled up the Kuisebmond show hosted at the Coast. He also performed at the Micasa show in Swakopmund.

He will launch his exclusive preview album at the DMT Lounge, where established artists such as Bertholdt, Djay and John Gregarious will perform.

“I am planning on an invading the south tour later in the year, so please stay tuned to my social media for updates,” he says.


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