Mark leaves audience craving more


Sabina Elago

Windhoek-Comic Mark Kariahua, also known as ‘The Fresh Prince of Okakarara’, had the audience in stitches as he humorously took them down the memory lane to his life story, especially relating to years gone by.

The Fresh Prince of Okakarara proved at his reloaded show last Friday that he remains a charming and skilful comedian.

He had hardly climbed onto the stage as he plunged into a narrative about his life, work and how famous he is becoming.

“I finally got a job at 99FM and what I like most about my job is my parents can finally leave me alone. They were always asking, ‘so you tell jokes opuwo?’ And I felt sorry for them because they were often asked ‘your child hapo is he Mr. Bean (Is your child Mr. Bean?)”.

“But I personally don’t care,” retorted Mark jokingly. He kept joking about how hard it is out there, particularly because he is famous now.

“It is so hard to be on billboards and not have a car of your own. When I am taking a taxi I always try to hide my face, because someone might recognise me and ask a hundred questions. It’s a really a difficult lifestyle to maintain,” Mark added.

For 60 minutes, Marked babbled about every detail of his life much to the amusement of the crowd.

He further told the story of how he was once mugged and robbed of his phone late at night, jokingly attributing his fate on the night to his small stature, which made him an easy target for the robbers.

“I need to get a big bodyguard to protect me,” Mark joked. The audience kept asking for more as they could not have enough of Mark’s jokes.


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