Omusati spends big on infrastructure


Loide Jason

Outapi-Government has invested N$705 million through the construction of various public infrastructure during the 2016/17 financial year in Omusati Region as part of its development programme.

Omusati Governor Erginus Endjala said this on Friday during his annual state of the region address (SORA) at Outapi in Omusati.

He said N$22 million was spent in the upgrading of 900 metres of gravel roads to bitumen standard within the town and N$20 million was invested in construction of tarred roads in Ruacana.

He said some projects have already been completed and some are still under construction.
A project in progress is Okahao district hospital whose documentation is complete and whose tender advert will be sent out.

“An amount of N$234 million has been invested in the construction of the Eunda Agriculture Development Centre (ADC) new building in Onesi. Further investments are in construction of the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) Okalongo sub-section office and staff accommodation,” revealed the governor during the SORA.

He further pointed out that some money has been invested in the construction of Omuvelo waKasamane border inspection point veterinary office, staff accommodation and animal handling facilities in Okalongo Constituency, which started in March 2015.

Part of the funds were spent on the construction of pipelines in Okano-Kanamuzile in Anamulenge Constituency, Olwaadhiya in Onesi, Okalungakakokayi, Omukwa and Onashiku in Elim Constituency.

Sixty hectares at Etunda green scheme irrigation project have been earmarked for an orchard for guavas, citrus and mango trees.

The pump station has been completed, while the irrigation system is installed. In addition, there are 150 hectares for commercial and 200 hectares for medium-scale farmers.

“The administration block and accommodation for farmers and officials has been completed while the assistant farm manager has been appointed,” said the governor.

A final lease agreement to plant asparagus on 60 hectares at phases seven and eight is being finalised for the Agribusdev head office.

“Production is expected to commence by August 2017. The project is envisaged to create about 200 jobs for local people,” he said.


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