Psemas patients need not pay upfront


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Ericah Shafudah, says that no health professionals contracted to the Public Service Employees Medical Aid Scheme (Psemas) will require that Psemas members pay upfront.

“If they do, the Ministry of Finance should be informed immediately. In fact, we urge health professionals to desist from such,” Shafudah said in a media statement.
She added that the scheme would still operate.

Her response came after numerous queries regarding an audio clip on social media regarding Psemas contracts with health professionals.

The finance ministry last week confirmed that contracts between the ministry, Psemas and health care professionals would be cancelled effective June 30 this year.

Last Thursday, Andreas Ileka, the personal assistant to Shafudah explained the cancellation would give way to a new contract that is still being hammered out between the parties involved in the scheme.

Health professionals would further have to meet the new terms to become part of the new reform.

“If you do not meet the requirements you cannot enter into the agreement,” Ileka said, but declined to elaborate on what the requirements for the new contract would be. The review of all existing contracts was necessitated after the ministry detected some loopholes and abuse to the detriment of Psemas and the fiscus, added Shafudah.

“The entire medical profession knows exactly what these loopholes are,” said Shafudah.
She said the public would be informed of the new changes to contracts once the review process is finalized, ensuring that Psemas exists sustainably.

She added the country is experiencing a tough financial period and that all health care professionals and Psemas members and dependants “need to adapt to the times”.


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