MTC plans to expand


Following the phasing out of cheques towards the end of this year, MTC plans extensive expansion to their infrastructure to improve the needs for communication, especially in rural areas.

MTC plans to cover 100% of the country with either 2G or 3G towers by 2020. Naturally there will still be places where no reception will be due to the topography and those farms will have to put up alternative towers so that they will have full coverage. A big problem which MTC experiences is that at this stage there is no standard agreement which could be entered into with farmers for the availability of space for the erection of the towers.

Numerous of these towers will be a non-profit investment for MTC but MTC sees it as part of their social contribution to make communication in rural areas available. The NAU would like to appeal to farmers on whose farms towers might be erected to give their cooperation and to enter the agreement in the same spirit.

NAU is concerned about Namibian underground water sources
The (NAU) has expressed its concern about the uncontrolled withdrawal of underground water sources in the whole country.

NAU expressed this concern during its executive council meeting last week. It seems as if this withdrawal takes place in water controlled areas as well as not-controlled areas and could in future lead to the depletion of these sources.

The lack of legislation as well as non-application of existing legislation leads to this unauthorised withdrawal. NAU plans to address this as a matter of urgency with the authority and in the meantime appeals to farmers to ensure that they have the necessary permits for the withdrawal of water and that they adhere to the terms of such permits.

Kalkfeld FA hosts big Agri-Mega Day
Kalkfeld FA hosted this day which was attended by close to 200 people on the farm of Guenther and Caroline Kahl. The theme this year was about the economic and practical aspects of the use of intruder bush. The day was unique because of the different exhibitors who also had the opportunity to demonstrate their products practically. The products exhibited included hay making equipment, bush rollers, bush choppers, bush feed, tractors, bakkies and charcoal equipment up to a service offered to catch stock thieves with the assistance of tracking dogs. Farmers appreciate to practically see the effective use of these machines in the veld.

Pig producers to hold information day. The Pig Producers Association will hold their AGM and an information day on July 6 in Windhoek. The programme will be communicated within the next two weeks in the NAU Newsletter and the media. Interested persons may contact Rina Hough at the NAU office at 061-237838 or e-mail
21st National Rangeland Forum

The 21st National Rangeland Forum will be held from July 17 – 19 at the Out of Africa Lodge, Otjiwarongo.

The theme is “Rangelands in a changing world – the management and understanding of Namibian savanna rangelands”. No registration fee is payable as the event is sponsored by the German-Namibian research project OPTIMASS. Matters to be discussed include bush encroachment, effects of fire, rotational herd management and access to markets. A field excursion to the Waterberg area is planned for July 19. Interested parties can send their names and surnames, e-mails, addresses and the organisations they are from to Further details can be obtained from the website For further details contact Harald Marggraff, tel. 061 237838.

Kalkplato FA is hosting its annual potjiekos competition on June 24 at Witbooisvlei. The first prize for the best potjie is N$10,000. The day is concluded with a dinner and dance with Jay. For further details contact Jurgens Liebenberg, tel. 081 12754032. Dance tickets are available from Anja Nel, tel. 081 4356973.

The Damara Breeders Association is offering a Junior and Senior course from July 3 – 5 at Namboer Windhoek. The costs are N$450 per person which includes refreshments and the course material. Registration will take place at Namboer Windhoek at 09:00. For further details contact Linda Sterkenburg, tel. 061 252994,

Braunvieh Namibia Breeders Association with Martin Seyfferdt is offering a judging/selection course on July 4 and 5 at Farm Devonby of Junior Versfeld in the Gobabis district. The entry form can be found at the website or you may contact Henriëtte le Grange at the office at tel. 081 1249670,

The NGUNI Breeders Association of Namibia wants to offer a beginner and inspector course in the second half of 2017. Interested parties may contact Thomas Peltzer at tel. 081 1248400, or


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