Telecom Namibia cable theft hits Pionierspark 


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Cable thieves caused disruptions to telecommunication services in Windhoek’s Pionierspark Extension 1 recently.

A Telecom Namibia copper cable was damaged when thieves attempted to cut and steal a 1600 pair cable in a manhole, by using a sharp object. The incident happened in Bernt Carlson Street, between Hendrik Witbooi Drive and Erasmus Street.

Customers affected were those in the following streets: Erasmus, Duncan, Dixon, Palmer, Kreft, Ebner, Davin, Carew, Fabri, Du Toit, Pfohl, Rath, Schepman, Heyn, Stoss, Range, Kindt, Gramovski, Pabst and Geiger.

About two weeks ago Telecom restored the communication services in the Hochlandrand suburb of Windhoek after copper cables were stolen on May 20. The thieves dug a manhole and got hold of a 600 pair copper cable. Nearly 500 customers were affected. A Telecom Namibia special team worked diligently to connect the affected area, restoring landline and internet services.


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