Kashihakumwa opens academy for guards


Helvy Shaanika

Ongwediva-Former Oshana regional police commander Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa has ventured into what he knows best by opening a training academy for security guards.

The former police commissioner who went on early retirement last year said he would like to meet government halfway in training and employment creation, the fight against crime and producing security agents with a clean criminal record.

According to Kashihakumwa the training institute came into existence following proper consultations with the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Sebastian Ndeitunga, and Minister of Defence Penda ya Ndakolo.

The founding president Dr Sam Nujoma, former president Hifikepunye Pohamba and the queen of Oukwanyama Meekulu Martha Mwadinomho yaKristian Nelumbu have given their blessings to the new institution, he said.

“I have also spoken to the regional commander of Ohangwena, Commissioner Shinedima Shindinge. They are all happy with the initiative,” said the retired police commander.

Currently registration for the first intake at Tobias Hainyeko Security Guards (THSC) Training Academy is in full swing and targets private companies and individuals seeking training in their private capacity. Classes are expected to commerce soon.

The training academy is situated at Edimba village, which is about 3km east of Eenhana, along Eenhana-Okongo main road, but registration also takes place at Oshakati Youth Centre.

Kashihakumwa has identified the need within local private security companies where security guards are recruited without proper training or a criminal background check. As a result private security companies have become nests for convicted criminals who operate as inside men and women for organized crime.

“Our country is suffering, our economy is suffering, our peace is suffering while some private security companies are just in it for money and this is where we come in, to strike a balance. For us money is really a secondary thing, that is why we charge really less,” stated Kashihakumwa.

Part of the consultations with Ndeitunga was for the academy to get assistance from the police when carrying out background checks for its applicants.

He said because of the lack of training and understanding, some of the guards recklessly or unknowingly commit crimes or become victims of crimes themselves.

He gave the example of a recent incident at Hochland Park Engen service station in Windhoek where two brothers were severely battered by a security guard.

“You can see that those people (victims) were not retaliating and one could hear somebody screaming, telling the guard to stop, but the assault continued. Security guards do not have an understanding when one needs to use force, the extent of force that one may apply and when one can shoot if he/she has to act in self-defence,” Kashihakumwa explained.

Hainyeko Security Guards Training Academy will offer, among others, courses on the constitution, human rights, criminal procedures, ethics, team building, duties and responsibilities of a security guard.

Kashihakumwa called on security guard company owners to send their personnel for training and first to consider the academy’s graduates for future employment, adding that he will ask the Ministry of Safety and Security to standardize security training for all its security employees in future.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to play monopoly but anyone can come up with a similar institution. This is all in favour of our country’s safety and security,” he said.

The training and screening of security guards for private security companies will help the companies employ reliable and reputable personnel who will create a good image for such companies. Apart from people that are already employed, unemployed persons between the age of 18 and 60 that are willing to pursue a career as a security guard can also register for the one-month course.


  1. Security Industry should first be legalized on which min of safety and security try since 1994! This effort is premature as there is no legislation act in place. dragging feet gor years now


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